„You always ought to act. Wrong or well, it'll turn out later. You only regret idleness, indecision and hesitation.”

Andrzej Sapkowski

So please do not hesitate and read few words about me and look at my works.
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question markWelcome!

Please allow to introduce myself. My name is Marcin and I am graphic designer. I was born in a beautiful Wrocław city where I live until nowadays. Wrocław is a place where I grew up, acquired all education levels and started to make a career in advertising companies. Soon I figured out that there is more that I want to achieve beside designing only under my bosses influence. So I decided to continue my adventure in advertising branch by my own style to show who I realy am. That’s way I’ve become a freelancer. But it doesn’t mean that I’ve lost all my contacts and I am doing everything on my own. Freelancer is not a hermit :-) I still cooperate with many people, becouse I like it. It gives me happiness and lots of pleasure.

Why advertisement?

Graphics is a great passion of mine since I was a child. I spent all my spare time on drawing things. And I did draw everywhere I could: on walls at home, on school desks, on empty pages of books, even on furniture. But I never took those abilities seriously. It changed when I started thinking about what to do in my adult life, what to choose as my job? In year 2006 I turned my passion into a professional career. Since then, I have been creating logos and corporate identity designs for start-ups and established enterprises seeking re-branding, print designs (e.g. business cards, flyers, brochures, folders, packaging, posters, banners), interface designs for web sites as well as product photography.




My brain is like a garden where instead of plants I grow good ideas. As a good gardner I have to look after them.

My secret is a special mix which I use to water them. Recipy you’ll find below. One dose of knowlege and experience for unique taste. Two doses of creative thinking to makes my potion a little bit spicy. Last but not least ingredient to add - three doses of positive thinking. This is the most valuable element of my mixture which makes it fresh and powerful kicking. After this mixture sky is the limit.


Part of my heart beats in every single project. But don’t worry! There is still enough of it left, waiting for its turn.

This sentence above says everything about me and my attitude about designing stuff. I always place some small part of me inside the project, when I see that it’s worth of it. In most cases is. Happines of my Clients makes my heart grows. And when it does I am convinced that the path I’ve chosen couple years ago is right. I love it and I can do nothing about it. In frank I don’t want to.

always ready

Many people claim that hard work is the key to succes. I am one of them which is why my hands are always ready to go for it.

In terms of working tools, I highly value pencil and paper. I am a confident and experienced user of graphic software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and Corel Draw. I devote my free time to steadily enhancing my drawing skills and knowledge of conceptual design. Using this approach I improve the quality of my work with every project.


Maybe you have any questions or just want to say HELLO!

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